• An utimate in smart cinema setup franchising


    Cinema Franchising, Cinema Architecture, Cinema Engineering

  • An utimate in smart cinema setup franchising


    Cinema Franchising, Cinema Architecture, Cinema Engineering

  • An utimate in smart cinema setup franchising


    Cinema Franchising, Cinema Architecture, Cinema Engineering

  • An utimate in smart cinema setup franchising


    Cinema Franchising, Cinema Architecture, Cinema Engineering

  • An utimate in smart cinema setup franchising


    Cinema Franchising, Cinema Architecture, Cinema Engineering



    • Technically, the word itself is derived from the ancient Greek term ”kinema”, meaning movement. Historically, it’s a shortened version of the French cinematographe, an invention of two brothers, Auguste and Louis Lumiere, that combined kinemawith another Greek root, graphien, meaning to write or record. Cinematic language has taken just a little more than 100 years to come into its own.

    There are still a lot of opportunities when one looks at the overall screen intensity in terms of the screen per million population. India’s screen intensity is just eight, which is a fraction of the major developed and developing




    Years of Industry Experience


    ZOOM CINEPLEX is a conglomerate under the Leadership of Naresh Goswami. We believe that each project we undertake must be a work of an art – in conception & execution. With personalize professionalism to suit individual clients requisites we are committed to produce Superior results. We have in house technicians including architects, structure & civil engineers and interior designers, sound engineers and cinema set up experts. Solution provider.

    ZOOM CINEPLEX Cinema is one of fast growing entertainment industry tool for delivering latest movies to 1 , 2 & 3 tier (Tehsil level) cities with estimated population below 5 Lacs within radius of 30 kms.

    Key advantages of setting up a ZOOM CINEPLEX is with lower investment as compared to multiplex and ability to sustain for a longer period with lower per day visitors. Today India has around 60% cinema halls at Tehsil level cities/ places and most of these halls are in bad shape following their inability to offer services at par with client needs and changing sociology.

    A ZOOM CINEPLEX is a smart cinema setup, India’s large segment with family cinema viewers broadly prefer such halls for outing and viewing cinema on routine basis. Such ZOOM CINEPLEX theaters largely attracts uneven visitors who left viewing movies in cinema halls because of lack of quality of services like sound, acoustics, cleanliness and quality of audience.


    Home Theatre

    Video Parlour



    Drive-in Cinemas



    Smart Cinema Set Up-Concept & Policy

    More than 35 years of experience  in SALES & MARKETING of INSURANCE. Direction & production in Advertising ,Theatre, Film & T.V. Pioneer in Concept & policy setup of EVENT MANAGEMENT in North India  in 1994, mentioning distinction in   Limca book of records in 2003 for Vardhman’s AAO BUNE KNITTING CONTEST .


    Smart Cinema -Administration

    More than 25 years of experience into IT/ITES related business presently CEO  VEDA MODE (P) LTD. offers tender consultancy services or technical advisory services. VedaMode also Offers excellent Tender Management Service. Veda Mode’s Tender Drafting Services is an approach for designing an effective result oriented RFI / RFP / RFQ.


    Smart Cinema –Technical & Strategies

    With over 25 years of experience in business development Ravinder Pal has envisioned to take Zoom Cineplex to new heights by his acute sense of business strategy and functioning. As a co-founder he will looking after the overall operations and future ventures, he will be looking.

    Ultimate Smart Cinema Franchise Setup

    Become A Franchise Partner

    India is a Cinema theatres deficient country. There are only 10 screens per million people, where as in a country like United States, there are 120 screens per million. This is a figure in spite of the fact that India is the world’s largest film producing country with more than 2000 films (2019) per year and also the no. 1 when it comes to ticket sales, with more than three billion tickets sold each year. The History of the Indian Cinema Reflects its importance through the economic statistics of the Finance body of India and is well supported and promoted by the Indian government as it plays a vital role by contributing to the revenue in terms of taxes and by offering employment to over 14 lac people across the country.


    Merchant Acquisition Specialist

    ZOOM CINEPLEX offer Masters Franchise in shape of Merchant Acquisition Specialists 2023 policy. Population wise allocation and long term loyalist bonus.





    Come Join Us

    Invest In Zoom Cineplex Venture

    The objective of ZOOM CINEPLEX is to make Cinema reachable to the masses. 
    A movie theatre is a business in which you make contact with the film distributors, buy their movies and play them on a big screen for your audience in a comfortable and enjoyable environment. This business requires continuous serious work, money and time investment, resulting in the production of huge profit

    Key Features of ZOOM CINEPLEX

    Lower Investment

    Lower Investment as compared to Multiplex cinema

    Small Space Required

    Can be setup in small space of( 6000 sq ft) minimum 4800 sqft for hall and 1200 sqft for
    cafeteria and lounge

    Multiple Earning Areas

    Earning areas include Movie Tickets Cafeteria, On Screen Off screen, dislay , Launch pad advertisement

    Market Research Budgeting

    We do intensive local level researches to arrive at Budgetary aspects for such proposals so as our prospective clients get best Returns on Investment

    Distributor Linkup

    Linking up with best distributors to get continued films with FDFS priority is our most attentive perspective

    Good Occupancy

    Good occupancy of above 60 in average as compared to multiplex cinemas

    Why Choose Us?

    One stop genuine solution for entire range of requirements

    Offers specialized Training to the concerned team members for smooth conduct of operations

    No Hassle of dealing with the distributors as you are dealing with experienced team of manufacturers who will stand by you till the project achieves its results

    Experienced and qualified resources for execution and timely completion

    Client friendly approach for pre and post launch service requirements

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